Services we provide

Our firm offers all sorts of services that have to do with the fields of architecture and constructions both during the design and construction stages of a project. Our design team , in collaboration with the extensive network of collaborating engineers and contractors , guarantees quality in constructions , fast service and constant technical and advisory support both during and after the completion of a project. Our basic goal is the reliability of the services we provide always keeping in mind the clients personal needs. 

Some indicative services we provide are as follows : 

  • Issuing building permits 
  • Architectural and Structural studies of every kind. 
  • Topographical studies and legal soundness of plots. 
  • Construction and supervision of construction works. 
  • Restoration and renovation of buildings. 
  • Interior studies and decoration 
  • Store licensing 
  • Legalization of buildings lacking a permit. 
  • Engineering advisory support  
  • Development plans for projects financed by the E.U. and the state. 
  • Structural adequacy studies. 
  • Issue of Building I.D. as required by Greek Law 
  • Energy Certificates of buildings.
  • Real estates development